About Project Manifest

Project Manifest is a community-based project designed to empower individuals with an active blueprint for manifesting and co-creating the dreams of our divinity into reality. This multifaceted project first took shape in Chicago, IL. We are now based in Sedona, AZ, but continue to have deep roots in the Chicago community. We are manifesting a variety of events in both locations, connecting the communities. As we grow and evolve, our intention is to expand nationally and globally.

While each event is unique, our overarching message is to remind each individual of their divinity and to awaken the divine spirit within. This will carry with it the goal of personal empowerment of each individual involved or attending to manifest the life and world of their dreams.

Because this is a grass-roots collective effort, we rely on your support and generosity. If you feel that Project Manifest is something that you would like to contribute to, donation opportunities are available on our website or directly to our PayPal. We are truly grateful for all of the individuals involved in this process.

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