Jason “Jade” Lyons

(Sedona/Chicago) Conductor/Gongs
Jade is the Conductor and Founder of Project Manifest, also a licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, music producer, mindfulness and meditation teacher/coach, gong specialist & sound/vibrational healer. His combination of skills come together in his sound healing in a unique way, always organic and evolving. Jade would find his passion for music at an early age and started dabbling with DJ’ing while still in high school. Now out of the night club scene he finds himself performing regularly as a DJ and Sound Healer at Chicago’s Ecstatic Dance events. His years of managing night clubs and organizing events is an indispensable asset to this endeavor. Jade’s passion shares the core belief of Project Manifest which is to seek out and collaborate with sound healers globally in a organic spirit or co-creation, celebration & empowerment. Look for many big things ahead as Jade’s light has just begun to shine and is currently guiding him to manifesting an amazing life that and to show others how to manifest and find their own divinity within.