Shakara Tosha

Co-Host, Light Language Activation, Vocals

Shakara Tosha: Channeled Light Language & Star Messages:

Shakara Tosha is a StarBeing channel & energetic guide who speaks/sings many galactic “Light Languages” which transmit energetic codes that activate creative DNA, trigger ancient memories & help people integrate with their higher self & personal guides. She also shares extensive “Star Messages” downloaded from various Star Guides about our collective awakening during current shifting “Ascension” time. She’s a multidimensional artist who creates channeled star symbols, scripts & activated artwork instilled with light codes — guiding co-creators to Remember their true nature and raise their vibrations to master their unique soul expressions. She’s traveling the country full guided by Spirit, sharing her messages at various conferences and during sacred ceremony.

WORKSHOP: (bring a notebook and comfortable clothing)

Light Language Sound Healing journey; Connecting with your Guides, Navigating this Ascension Energy Shift, Receiving & Activating Your Own Light Language


  1. Activated Art Prints — will channel unique galactic script & message
  2. Light Language Session sign-up


​1.​These multidimensional Light Language messages begin to unlock your creative DNA codes and inspire you to vibrate higher and clearly and give you energy; many recognized or remembered hearing/speaking/manifesting a kind of Light Language in some form in their past. All recipients mentioned a new energized feeling in their mind + body overall, finding creative new ways of expressing + being themselves in the world with their own unique voice.

​2.​The messages and Light Language inspire an awakening, a remembering and a knowing of your true life’s purpose and passion in this lifetime, including:

  • Deeper awareness of life purpose
  • Acknowledgement of an inherent power that can be tapped into at will • Calming of tension + anxiety
  • Positive breakthrough of old beliefs + behavior patterns
  • Quick shift by choice into a new career, relationship + life scenarios
  • Enhanced awareness of + clear alignment with their Higher Self