Tara Luther

“I am a storyteller. When I was a child, I’d tell myself stories by drawing them out with pencil, or colored chalk, or forming them with clay. Today, I’m still telling stories with oil paint on canvas. I paint stories about people and places that may not exist in the way flesh and blood people do, but they are real to me and eternally unfolding. I’m a tour guide to ancient cities, an ambassador to kingdoms in the clouds, and dreams beneath the ocean. I am certain now that I can take you with me. I’ve had melancholy in my soul, which my mother told me was a very Irish trait. I seek the origin of that melancholy to discover the fragmented piece (or peace) whose origins reside in my heritage. In my quest to rediscover my ancient Celtic roots, I’ve realized the magic of the stars, the hungry monsters of control, and a light, that once invoked, can never be extinguished. The story I paint of my forgotten culture, is the story of all that has ever been buried, shamed, or stolen and renamed. In all realms magical and mundane, what humanity shares is more powerful and enduring than anything that would ever seek to divide us. We are interconnected. I paint to help us remember.”